Learning for life (Lernen fürs Leben)

In this three-year project we accompany young people up from the 9th grade throughout the school year: in preparation for their exams, when looking for an internship or apprenticeship, in the search for a suitable career path and in dealing with their own talents and interests. At the same time we provide them with personal coaching and experiential educational excursions or events, providing opportunities to get to know themselves better and to gain experience.

I Am Here!

„Ich Bin Hier!“ was a project, driven by Die Lernwerkstatt and our partner organizations Loesje e.V. and SanaD e.V.. The project targeted young people between 6 and 18 years who have an interest in media & culture.

Self-Directed Education

Once a month we meet up to discuss the following questions:

  • What does Self-Directed Education mean? And what about Unschooling, Homeschooling, Home Education, Democratic Schools and other alternatives?
  • What conditions for Self-Directed Education do we have here in Germany?
  • How are SDE-Families in Germany connected?
  • Where can I find help and advice for my individual situation?
During the meet-ups the project group AG Selbstbestimmte Bildung was developed, which prepared a position paper on the topic.

Math x Art Project

The goal of this project is to develop learning formats for workshops and schools which combine natural sciences and art. We want to provide a playful and vivid access to the seemingly dry and unpopular „subjects“ math and natural sciences.

Education Assistance

Our „Lernbegleitung“ is a school accompanying project. In small groups of maximum 7 students we will go through the weekly school topics in a playful and active learning environment. The focus does not lie on grades but in the assistance of the individual learning process.

Reading Workshop

In cooperation with the Kiefholz Elementary School we started a reading workshop in August 2020. The workshop is designed for students in the 1th to 6th grade. During the Buddy-Reading we read together and talk about fun stories like „Rocco Randale“. Since November we moved this offer to a video meetup. Many thanks to the Pfefferwerk Foundation for the support of this project.

Expert Workshops

Already for the third year in succession (state 2021) we develop projects with students of the 3rd and 4th grade of the Kiefholz Elementary School. Topics such as music instruments out of recycling materials, a self-invented card game and raised beds on the school premises were covered in the past. The workshops aim at young people who have fun to explore and learn. Currently all projects are moved to an online format.

Cooking with Sombrero

Our project „Heimatküche mit Sombrero“ was patronized by the Postcode Lottery Foundation in 2020 and brought motion into our Lernwerkstatt even in the pandemic: we cooked Indian, French and Latin-American meals at the Lernwerkstatt as well as at home. The project also allowed us to redesign our facilities a bit.