Do you want to support us?

Die Lernwerkstatt is a registered nonprofit organization. Here you can find our charter (German) with aims and goals of our organization. The project lives of your participation. Become a member if you want to support and sustain Die Lernwerkstatt long term! Further options to support us can be found below.

To cover our costs (for location, materials, teachers, electricity, and insurance) we depend on donations in form of monthly membership contributions - scalable up from 5 euro.

Become a member in 3 steps:

1. Here you can download our membership application as PDF.

2. Fill out the application (on a computer or printed out by hand).

3. Send us the application via mail (Karl-Kunger Str. 55, 12435 Berlin), scanned via email, or just stop by and drop it in our mailbox.

4. Here you can find our privacy policy (German), with further information to our data protection regulations.

We are a registered nonprofit organization so all donations and membership contributions are tax deductible! Up to 200 euro a simple statement is enough. Up from 200 euro we will be happy to send you a donation receipt!

Do you prefer to make a one-time donation? Here is our bank information:

Die Lernwerkstatt - lernen & lernen lassen e.V.

IBAN: DE69 4306 0967 1175 1344 00